CONNECT 2021 - Colchicum autumnale ~ Jillian Stansbury, ND




This presentation will provide an in-depth exploration of the various uses and potential uses of Colchicum autumnale - far beyond its common use in gout.

Dr. Jill Stansbury has taught at NUNM for 20 years, including botanical materia medica, classes focusing on herbs of the northwestern U.S., and advanced botanical therapies. She is the author of several books, is a frequent contributor to professional journals and other publications, and also serves on the editorial board of several journals. Dr. Stansbury received a grant from the Firebird Foundation in 2008 to support her work documenting the botanical knowledge of native communities (tribes) in the Peruvian Amazon. She has a strong interest in ethnobotany and is working with universities in Peru to develop clinical and research relationships for projects in botanical medicine. She leads trips to Cusco, Peru, and the Peruvian Amazon each August.
As clinic director and primary care physician at Battle Ground Healing Arts in Battle Ground, WA, Dr. Stansbury specializes in the treatment of chronic disease states with a particular emphasis on botanical therapies, as well as homeopathy, nutrition, hydrotherapy, and other natural therapies. Among her many accomplishments, Dr. Stansbury created the professional herbal tea line for Wise Woman Herbals, created the “Sinus-Free” formula for Planetary Herbals, and authored the herbal protocol database for Gaia Herbs.
Dr. Stansbury is an avid gardener, musician, singer, and artist, and the mother of two grown children. She spends half the year in South America with Cusco, Peru, as a basecamp from where she travels into the Amazon researching medicinal plants. She has an interest in Native American cultures and is working to support the rights of indigenous people.
*Certified by the WANP for 1 Category 1 continuing education credit (including 1 Pharmacology credit) for Washington NDs*
(Originally presented October 17, 2021)