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What is a patient to do when the ‘gold standard’ for pain treatment has failed them? What happens when the side effects from a pain medication outweigh the benefit the medication was providing? What tools are in a provider’s ‘toolbox’ to give this patient an improved quality of life? Specialty compounded medications may provide some of the answers to these questions! We will go through situations of both acute and chronic pain, including muscular vs neuropathic vs mixed mechanism. Opportunities exist for providing improved quality of life via topicals, transdermal, nasal sprays, topical sprays, oral gels and mouth rinses, and vaginal gels or suppositories. Learn more about combining multiple mechanisms of action to maximize the efficacy while minimizing side effects.
**This presentation is worth 1 Category 1 CE credit, including 1 Pharmacology credit, for Washington-licensed NDs.**

(Originally presented May 6, 2023, at WANP's CONNECT 2023 conference.)