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This level of membership is for licensed naturopathic physicians. Those NDs who hold an active licenses in Washington State must be in good standing with the Department of Health. Professional membership includes a personal practice profile in our ND Directory (for those who are currently in practice). Monthly payment options are available. Price varies depending on time in practice.


We welcome membership from those who take an active interest in naturopathic medicine. If you would like to support the mission of the WANP - to promote and protect naturopathic medicine in Washington state - you're welcome to join us! This level of membership is for the Non-ND Individual and/or Integrative Healthcare Professional (MD, DC, DO, DNP, PT, etc) who would like to become a member of the WANP. (Supporting members are non-voting members, per organizational bylaws.)


We offer FREE memberships for naturopathic medical students, and we welcome your participation in the future of our profession.