Donate to Support the WANP Legislative Mission

Financial support is the fuel that allows the WANP to maintain its office, staff, website and outreach functions – and every bit helps.  General donations to the WANP are tax-deductible at a rate of 60% based on the percentage of our budget allocated to non-political, non-profit activities. (Consult your accountant for further clarification.)

WANP-PAC: Our political action committee

The WANP PAC is the political action committee (PAC) of  the WANP.  The mission of WANP-PAC is to raise and allocate funds to support political candidates and campaigns that are determined to support the interests of the naturopathic profession.  Political action is directed toward improving patient access to naturopathic medicine, protecting naturopathic scope of practice, and building relationships with legislators in order to increase awareness of naturopathic medicine and a legal environment favorable to naturopathic practice.  Donations to the WANP-PAC are used for political action, so they are not tax deductible.

Donate online or for a printable contribution form click here, or to learn more about the WANP-PAC contact the WANP office at 206-547-2130 or via email at

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