Donate to the WANP Political Action Committee (WANP-PAC)

The mission of WANP-PAC is to raise and allocate funds to support political candidates and campaigns that support the interests of the naturopathic profession.  Political action is directed toward improving patient access to naturopathic medicine, protecting naturopathic scope of practice, and building relationships with legislators in order to increase awareness of naturopathic medicine.  Donations to the WANP-PAC are used for political action, so they are not tax deductible.

Contribute Your Donation Below:

The Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) requires the WANP to report the personal information requested on this page for all those donating $25 or more per year. In addition, ‘employer information’ is required of those donating $100 or more per year. The WANP will only share this information with the PDC.

Your donation to the WANP-PAC will be used exclusively for political purposes as specified by the WANP board of directors. The primary use for these funds is to contribute to state legislators who support bills and policies that promote and protect naturopathic scope of practice and public access to naturopathic physicians.

If you would like to make a recurring donation to the WANP-PAC, please download the WANP-PAC Form_PDF form and fax to the WANP office at 206-547-2549.

Thank you very much!

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