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Authority to Sign and Supervise

In Washington, NDs have statute-granted authority to oversee/supervise the following healthcare professionals:

In Washington, NDs have statute-granted authority to sign/certify the following documents:

  • Vital Records (including death certificates) [WAC 246-490-200 requires that all deaths in Washington be reported electronically. Learn more and enroll HERE. Receive guidance on February 2024 transition from EDRS to WHALES HERE.]


Business Resources

The federal Corporate Transparency Act of 2021 seeks to increase transparency around business ownership and beneficiaries. Under this act, effective January 1, 2024 (and prior to January 1, 2025), most businesses are required to file a new Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Form with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Additional information and instructions can be found through the Washington Secretary of State (under "Business Entities" tab) or the FinCEN's BOI page.

Continuing Education Information

Effective 1/29/2024, Washington-licensed naturopathic physicians are required to obtain a minimum of 60 hours of continuing education every 2 years. Of those, 20 hours must be offered or approved by the WANP, the AANP, any organization accredited by NANCEAC, or any of the accredited naturopathic medical schools. Every 2 years, 15 of the 60 required hours must be in focused on pharmacology, as spelled out in WAC 246-836-080 (3)(a).

As part of continuing education and in accordance with RCW 43.70.442, a licensed naturopathic physician must complete a board-approved one-time training that is at least six hours long in suicide assessment, treatment, and management. This training must be completed by the end of the first full continuing education reporting period after initial licensure. Additional resources, including a list of approved courses, can be found HERE.

Additionally, as part of continuing education and in accordance with RCW 43.70.613, a licensed naturopathic physician must complete a minimum of 2 hours every 4 years of training in health equity to address health inequities such as bias, racism, and poverty.

DEA Registration Information (including link to required OUD training)

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 enacted a new one-time, eight-hour training requirement for all DEA-registered practitioners, except veterinarians, on the treatment and management of patients with opioid or other substance use disorders.

Access a database of FREE trainings that meet this requirement (and count as Category 2 CE credits for Washington-licensed NDs) HERE.

In order to prescribed controlled substances in Washington, your Naturopathic Physician License must indicate that you are "authorized for DEA registration." Current state law limits your prescriptive authority to "codeine and testosterone products that are contained within schedules III, IV, and V" - regardless of what is reflected on your DEA registration card.

Learn more and apply for registration at

Insurance and Billing Resources

The Insurance Commissioner is responsible for regulating insurers, including health insurers, in Washington State.

There are federal and state laws in place to protect patients from surprise medical costs. NDs must follow all applicable laws.

Telemedicine Resources (including link to required telemedicine training)

Board of Naturopathy Guidance

Our regulatory Board of Naturopathy (like most regulatory boards) defines the practice of medicine as occurring at the location of the patient. You must be licensed to practice medicine wherever the patient is and you must know and practice only to the legal scope of practice in that location. See here for additional guidance on the Appropriate Use of Telemedicine.

Required Telemedicine Training for Naturopathic Physicians

SSB 6061 went into effect on 1/1/2021 and requires that all healthcare providers who provide telemedicine services undergo mandatory training as soon as possible. The required training can be found HERE.

Telemedicine Parity

Washington State law requires that telemedicine services be reimbursed at the same rate as in-person medical care, provided that the care is medically necessary. The below statutes also define "established relationship" when considering whether you can provide care to Washington-based patients via telemedicine:

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