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The WANP is extremely grateful to our corporate partners for their generous support and ongoing commitment to our mission to promote naturopathic medicine in Washington State. 

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Mount Olympus Level Partners

Focused on producing clinician-developed nutritional supplements for over 35 years

For over 35 years, Integrative Therapeutics has been developing unique formulations that have safely and effectively integrated with diet and lifestyle recommendations to improve patient health. Our comprehensive selection of nutritional supplements include adaptogenic herbal formulas for HPA Axis support; enzymes, probiotics, and microbial balance formulations for supporting healthy gastrointestinal function; as well as support for a broad range of metabolic pathways including mitochondrial, glucose metabolism, hormone balance and weight management.

Your local rep:
Contact Blake Morgan, Pacific Northwest Medical Sales Manager, by email at or by phone at 920.737.5803.

Whole Food Nutrient Solutions

For 90 years, Standard Process has been changing lives with our family of health care practitioners. We combine the healing power of nature with scientifically supported evidence. We offer safe, effective, nutritional supplements you can feel good about offering through your practice and recommending to your patients.

Together, we can transform lives.
We offer a comprehensive line of more than 170 nutritional supplements, are the exclusive U.S. distributor for Australia-based herbal supplement brand MediHerb®, and also offer Veterinary Formulas™ for dogs, cats and horses.

Changing Lives through Valued Partnerships
Standard Process products are sold through health care practitioners. The partnerships we have with health care professionals have enabled us to fulfill our mission of changing lives for the past 90 years and counting. Our founder, Dr. Royal Lee, believed that an individual's unique nutritional requirements were best evaluated by a health care professional. This is why we sell our products through qualified practitioners. The relationships that Dr. Lee began all those years ago still remain at the center of our business practices today.

Your local rep:
Contact Michael Smith, Senior Account Manager for Arizona, New Mexico, and Washington, by email at or by phone at 262.495.8253.

Mount Spokane Level Partners

Advancing Health Care into Human Care.

State of the Art Technology

Aerodiagnostics, LLC, Breath Tests utilize non-invasive Hydrogen & Methane devices and a proprietary analysis that minimize false reports commonly found with invasive blood tests and hydrogen only breath tests. This state-of-the-art & highly accurate diagnostic equipment incorporates a CO2 correction factor technique that minimizes error by improper sampling technique.

Our Breath Collection Kits Are Easy To Use

The EasySampler™ Breath Collection Kit is an approved and popular method for at home breath collection. This patented breath-collection kit allows patients to collect samples unsupervised and mail their breath samples back to the Aerodiagnostics lab for analysis. Patients enjoy the ease of collection that can be performed on their time, wherever they choose. Clinicians and staff enjoy that patients are afforded the flexibility to test at a location convenient for them.

Modern science. Ancient wisdom.

Ayush Herbs is a family-owned company founded by naturopathic physicians. We are dedicated to combining modern medical science with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to create clinically effective herbal products that help your patients. Our herbs are grown in the pristine valleys at the base of the Himalayas and are USDA certified organic. We use exhaustive in-house and third-party testing to ensure that we provide only the purest herbal products. Our herbs are extracted at the source to maintain the potency of the fresh herb and eliminate the need for irradiation. Our formulations are created by the Sodhi brothers, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic physicians, and have been validated by 30 years of clinical use in their own practices and those of hundreds of our client doctors.

Medications made with YOU in mind!

Your local Compounding Pharmacist is a key part of your health care team. At Makers Compounding Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on delivering targeted medications for our patients. We believe it is important for each individual to receive personalized care, because one size does not fit all with prescription medications! Our pharmacy team works closely with both patient and provider throughout the process to help YOU achieve the best result possible. We want to make sure you are having the best possible experience with your medication. Our pharmacy staff is dedicated to helping patients. Whether that is through patient education, providing research materials to providers, or simply mailing your prescription straight to a patient's door to save them a trip! Our patient followup programs, one-on-one consultations with every new prescription, and open communication with the patients and their prescribers make the Makers difference.

Genetic Potential Through Nutrition

Metagenics was founded on a revolutionary idea: Our genes do not predetermine our health potential, and through nutrition, we can impact how our genes express themselves. Embodied by our company motto—genetic potential through nutrition—this groundbreaking principle drives us to deliver high-quality, science-based nutritional supplements, medical foods, and lifestyle programs to support healthcare practitioners in their efforts to help patients achieve their health goals.  With a range of nutritional solutions designed to support individual lifestyles, including non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegetarian offerings, we remain committed to supplying practitioners around the world with advanced tools to help improve patient outcomes.

Metagenics also offers unbiased CE and other educational opportunities through the Metagenics Institute.

Bridging the gap between nutraceuticals and evidence-based medicine.

NFH is a Canadian natural health product innovator devoted to the integration and application of evidence-based natural product science in clinical practice. We manufacture formulations of the highest quality for exclusive use by licensed healthcare practitioners. The focus in our formulations is optimal efficacy combined with patient safety. Our Scientific Advisory Panel and Medical Consultancy Group provide essential guidance in formulating our products and positioning our product line for professional use. Choosing the best natural health product for your patient is about confidence in your prescription.

NFH‘s integrative, innovative, and evidence-based approach allows you to have that confidence in efficacy, safety, optimal absorption, and thoughtfulness in the synergism of our formulations.

Services to Meet Every Need.

Throughout the RAYUS network, we offer a variety of high-quality, high-value services to help you get the answers you need. Click on the services below to learn more and to find a center near you.

Services vary by location, check your local center’s page for services offered.

Better Health Through Better Testing.

For over 30 years, our innovative laboratory testing has provided clinicians worldwide with the tools they need to develop effective care plans for their patients and help them build a foundation for a healthier life. With rigorous quality controls, advanced laboratory technology, and fast turnaround times, providers know they can rely on us for accurate and timely results.

Mount Constitution Level Partners

We have malpractice insurance designed especially for NDs.

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