2022 Member Survey

Open 19 April 2022 - 01 June 2022

Dear WANP Member:

Thank you for your help in making the WANP a stronger, more beneficial, and more representative organization by completing this year’s Member Survey!

Here at the WANP, we strive to serve our members to the best of our ability. We have not conducted a survey since 2020 and we recognize that the world has changed dramatically in that time. We suspect that, with these global changes, the needs and wants of our members have also changed. It’s important for us to check in with our members to ensure we are accurately representing you and your interests as a naturopathic physician.

We know we have a lot of questions this year, but we hope you take some time to share your thoughts about our organization and how it’s functioning. This year’s survey is divided into 6 sections - each with 10-20 questions. The first two sections attempt to collect demographic, financial, and experiential data in an effort to better understand the composition of our membership. The next section focuses on our current legislative agenda and seeks guidance from our members on these efforts. We then seek feedback on our educational programming, then on our current member benefits, and finally we try to understand your awareness and utilization of our Corporate Partners. We expect that this survey will take 20-40 minutes to complete. (You will be able to stop and return to it if needed.) All questions are optional.

We will use the information collected in this survey to inform our program offerings, to support our legislative efforts, and to adjust our organizational recruitment and hiring strategies as appropriate. Should you choose to respond, this information will be kept confidential and will be reported only in aggregate.

This survey will be open through Wednesday, June 1, 2022. Summary survey results will be presented via email communication once compiled and at our Annual Member meeting in October 2022.

Feel free to send any questions about this survey to info@wanp.org. We are so grateful to you for taking the time to complete this survey to help us better understand today’s WANP membership!

~WANP’s Board of Directors


Please note: You must be a member of the WANP and logged in to complete the survey. If you are not a current member, join us here!