CONNECT 2021 - Sleep & Hormones: The Reciprocal Relationship ~ Shelby Bottemiller, PharmD




Deficient sleep is one of the most common causes of illness and frustration among adults. Deficient sleep can be both the cause and effect of imbalanced hormones. Through a greater exploration of this reciprocal relationship between sleep and hormones, one will come to understand the urgency for addressing sleep needs with or without hormone replacement therapy. Some patients warrant hormone replacement to address impaired sleep, while hormone replacement would be potentially inappropriate for others. This presentation aims to explore the interdependent dynamics between sleep and hormones and their impacts on patient treatment choices.

Shelby Bottemiller, PharmD, is the Director of Pharmacy for Kusler’s and Clark’s compounding pharmacies. Shelby graduated with Honors from the Washington State University Doctor of Pharmacy program. He has over 23 years of community and compounding pharmacy experience. He is currently appointed as adjunct clinical professor with the Washington State University College of Pharmacy.
*Certified by the WANP for 1 Category 1 continuing education credit (including 0.5 Pharmacology credits) for Washington NDs*
(Originally presented October 17, 2021)