CONNECT 2022 - Supporting Mental Wellness to Disrupt Medical Racism | Reketta Peterson, LPC, PMH-C




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Healthcare providers tend to forget about the flight attendant’s instructions to place the mask over their face first before helping others. When we are stressed, we secrete cortisol (our stress hormone) which impairs our ability to focus and learn. This impairs our ability to connect and remain in community with our clients and colleagues from intersectional lived experiences. Many professionals are looking for ways to help. If you are compelled to be an ally, a co-conspirator, or a disrupter. You will need tools and knowledge. This lecture calls in self-starters and curious bystanders to join in conversation and community.
Reketta Peterson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, sex therapist, and health equity consultant located in the state of Alaska. Reketta teaches social and emotional learning to healthcare professionals to reduce emotional dysregulation and burnout, leading to stronger ties to their environment and community.
**This presentation is worth 1.25 Category 1 CE credits for Washington NDs.**
Originally presented October 15, 2022, at WANP's CONNECT 2022 conference.