CONNECT 2024 | Menopausal Hormone Therapy: Providing safe and effective treatment for the management of the menopausal transition (and beyond) | Wendy Ellis, ND




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Hormone Replacement therapy can be a game changer for many women, however, there are associated risks and we need to understand how to appropriately manage the risks and benefits for each patient. Should you use compounded hormones? Are you considering breast / heart and uterine / ovarian health with each prescription? What are the current standards of care for appropriate prescribing and when do you take a woman off hormones? Is HRT a risk or a benefit for dementia? When do you need pelvic ultrasound? and much much more...
Wendy Ellis is a seasoned naturopathic physician with an emphasis on the issues that arise with aging (mood, hormonal changes, cardiovascular health and blood sugar, bone health, etc). She maintains a long term private practice in Seattle, WA and holds licenses in Oregon, Washington and Massachusetts. In addition, Dr Ellis is a telemedicine provider for Gennev, the largest online platform serving peri/post menopausal women. Within her scope of work with Gennev, she created a number of supplements and contributes content on their website. Over the years, Dr Ellis has lectured extensively on hormone dysfunction, and enjoys delving into new methods of patient care using personalized / precision medicine. She is a member of the Menopause Society (formerly known as NAMS - North American Menopause Society).
**This presentation is worth 1.25 Category 1 CE, including 1.25 Pharmacology Credits, for Washington-licensed NDs.**

Originally presented May 3rd - 5th, 2024, at WANP's CONNECT 2024 conference.