CONNECT 2024 | The Extracellular Matrix: The emerging ground of health | Fraser Smith, ND




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The extracellular matrix (ECM) has received intensive scientific investigation in the past 25 years. New insights into matrix structure, physiology, and interactions with cells indicate that many diseases progress with changes to the extracellular matrix. Moreover, cancer cells appear to re-arrange the local matrix to assist their proliferation and dissemination. The implications for naturopathic understanding of health are that inflammation, dissolution, and fibrosis of the ECM represents a level of dysfunction that is different than initial inflammation or lack of function. Naturopathic therapies can impact the extracellular matrix, including time tested modalities such as hydrotherapy, nutrition, botanical medicine, and bodywork.

Fraser Smith is Professor, Clinical Sciences, at National University of Health Sciences. He has led the ND program, (Assistant Dean for Naturopathic Medicine in College of Professional Studies) since its inception in 2006. He is licensed as a naturopathic physician in Vermont, and is also a licensed dietician nutritionist in Illinois. He graduated from CCNM in 1997 and completed a 2 year residency with Dr. Paul Saunders at the Robert Schad Clinic. Dr. Smith is the author of several textbooks as well as books for the public, his most recent work being Naturopathic Medicine, A Comprehensive Guide, published by Springer (Cham, Switzerland), in November 2022.


**This presentation is worth 1.25 Category 1 CE for Washington-licensed NDs.**

Originally presented May 3rd - 5th, 2024, at WANP's CONNECT 2024 conference.