13 January 2023

The 2023 Legislative Session is officially underway and we are excited to bring forward SB 5411: Increasing the scope of practice of naturopathic physicians once again. This bill is aimed at increasing the prescriptive authority of naturopathic physicians, ensuring legal authority to sign physician-level documents, and modernizing some other language in our current bill - all to better enable our doctors to practice to the full extent of our training and licensure as recognized primary care physicians. This senate bill is co-sponsored by Republican Floor Leader Senator Shelly Short (R-7) and Deputy Majority Leader Senator Emily Randall (D-26) - both of whom are power houses in their respective parties and champions of naturopathic medicine.

There are many many steps required to get a bill passed, and securing key sponsors and filing a bill are but the first, but we are thrilled to be hard at work on behalf of our profession to advance and protect naturopathic scope of practice.

Keep your eye on our Advocacy page and watch your email for up to the minute updates and calls to action from our Advocacy Team as we progress through another busy Session!

~Angela Ross, ND - WANP Executive Director