1 September 2021

The WANP Board of Directors is thrilled to welcome Carey Morris of Carey Morris Government Relations to our legislative team! Ms. Morris has been lobbying the Washington State Legislature since 1999, and her decades of experience are obvious as she hits the ground running on behalf of naturopathic physicians across Washington State. Ms. Morris prides herself on working with clients whose issues she truly believes in, and she feels absolutely aligned with the on-going legislative agenda of the WANP. As she wrote in her letter of interest:

"I am particularly passionate about lobbying for organizations and individuals who have historically not had equitable access or representation within the political process. I have built my career on the belief that my role as lobbyist is to strategically help my clients in accessing, understanding and in feeling empowered to use their voices to make strong public policy. ... After [learning more] about your scope of practice proposal, I was reminded that quality equitable healthcare is more than just having access. Quality healthcare is being able to receive a full range of services from your primary provider without having to jump through additional hoops. Quality healthcare is the opportunity for a provider and patient to build a trusting long-term relationship. Quality healthcare is supporting the needs of the provider as well as the patient."

Look for opportunities to meet our new lobbyist at upcoming Pints & Politics events and in legislative meetings as we move toward the 2022 Legislative Session.