25 April 2022

The WANP scored a WIN today on behalf of our members and all naturopathic physicians in Washington.

After we saw a social media post about Bartell and Rite Aid pharmacies refusing to fill prescriptions for testosterone and codeine written by appropriately licensed (and DEA-credentialed) naturopathic physicians, we got to work.

On reaching out to Rite Aid Corporate Headquarters, we learned that they had misunderstood Washington State law and the prescribing rights of naturopathic physicians here. We shared perspective, resources, and - of course - the law and they have been updating their systems to correct the error.

As of Saturday, April 23, 2022, this problem should be fully resolved and all naturopathic physicians with the legal authority to prescribe our limited controlled substances should be able to, once again, fill these scripts through Rite Aid and Bartell Pharmacies throughout the state.

We are proud and honored to do the work of advocating on behalf of our profession - not only in our year-round legislative work, but also in these day-to-day issues that arise. We cannot do this work without the support of our members. If you aren't already one of us, please consider joining today so we can continue to fight for you for years to come.