12 August 2021
On Monday, August 9, Governor Jay Inslee issued proclamation 21-14, which requires that all state employees and all healthcare providers (including licensed naturopathic physicians) in Washington be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by October 18, 2021. We recognize that there are a lot of questions circulating around this proclamation. We have been in communication with the Washington State Department of Health to try to get some answers and they are expected to release an "FAQ" document very shortly. As the proclamation was just announced, it will take some time to sort out some of the finer details. We will do our best to share any additional clarifying information with our members as we receive it.
Please note that there remains a mask mandate in place in any healthcare settings (to include physicians' offices) throughout Washington State, regardless of vaccination status. From the Washington State Department of Health website:
"You have to continue to wear a mask while indoors in certain places:
  • Health care settings, such as a doctor’s office or a nursing home.
  • Congregate settings, such as a K-12 school, a day care center, or an adult group home.
  • While using public transportation or in transportation hubs, such as an airport or bus station."