April CE Webinar - Herbal Allies to Allay Allostatic Load ~ Orna Izakson, ND, RH(AHG)




When we think about allostatic load — the accumulation (accretion) of straws threatening the integrity of the camel’s back — our training often leads us to start with adrenal support. And while offering herbal adrenal adaptogens often makes sense, I argue that the support required actually exists on a spectrum between the nervous and the endocrine systems, and herbs more commonly considered calming herbs belong in these protocols — and sometimes in the forefront of it. In this class, I’ll review herbs along this spectrum from nervines to classic adaptogens, discuss specific uses to address overload and burnout, and cover some herbs and actions that are often left out of the discussion.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Orna Izakson ND, RH(AHG) is a licensed naturopathic doctor, registered herbalist, writer and educator, practicing in Alaska and Oregon. She earned her naturopathic doctorate from National University of Natural Medicine, a Master of Arts in journalism from the University of Missouri, and a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from Wesleyan University. Dr. Izakson has advanced training in herbal therapeutics, serves on the scientific advisory board of Gaia Herbs, and is a functional psychiatry fellow with Psychiatry Redefined. For six years she served as the founder and lead physician of the Traditional Roots Institute at NUNM, delivering herbal education to practitioners and the public. Prior to her medical career, Dr. Izakson was an award-winning environment and science newspaper reporter, and had work published in newspapers, magazines, books and online media. She continues her mission of educating the public about full-spectrum plant medicine as a public speaker and online educator. Dr. Izakson helps patients with mood, chronic disease and women’s health at Alta Natural Medicine (Alaska) and Celilo Natural Health Center (Oregon.)

**This presentation is worth 1 Category 1 CE credit for Washington NDs.**

Originally presented April 21, 2022.