CONNECT 2024 | ADHD: From Exercise to Adderall | Kabran Chapek, ND




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ADHD is one of the most common conditions we see as ND's in the primary care setting. It's not all about medications but a major portion of what we do can help our patients be more productive in work and at school. We will cover natural and conventional treatments including therapies, exercise, diet, supplements and both stimulant and non stimulant medication options for the treatment of ADHD.
Dr. Kabran Chapek has been a staff physician at Amen Clinics since 2013. As a graduate of Bastyr University in the Seattle area, he is an expert in the use of integrative treatments. He is the founding president of the Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic physicians and is the chair of board certification committee. He was recently elected to the board of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. In 2020 he released “Concussion Rescue: A Comprehensive Program to Heal Traumatic Brain Injury.
**This presentation is worth 1 Category 1 CE, including 0.25 Pharmacology credits, for Washington-licensed NDs.**

Originally presented May 3rd - 5th, 2024, at WANP's CONNECT 2024 conference.